Bos Elektro Catalogue

Cables and cable printing

Over the years, Bos elektro bv has grown into a leading supplier of cables made by international manufacturers. They range from a connection cable, H07RN-F (neoprene) and ground cables to special types for project-based offshore purposes. We also supply cables for railway protection, management and communication systems for the high-speed Betuwe line and important European railway routes.

In a changing market where computerisation and privatisation are taking place at an ever increasing pace, we specialise in working out the cable structure and the required types for your projects.
Our cable division concentrates on carrying out your logistical wishes, which in practice means that the ample stocks that we carry usually make it possible for us to deliver the cables that you order cut to the right lengths and within 24 hours to your project location.

Apart from the cable types shown in this chapter, we also carry an enormous range of cables for special projects, such as excavation, road construction and hydraulic engineering, infrastructural projects with glass-fibre, monitoring, VRI cable, special cables for public lighting, data cables, medium and high-voltage cables.

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