Circuit breakers & Earth leakage switch

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Circuit breakers & Earth leakage switches

Only Kema Keur-certified circuit breakers and earth leakage switches are used in our Kema-certified distribution boxes.
This chapter shows the circuit breakers and earth leakage switches most frequently used in our distribution boxes.

In addition, Bos elektro bv also exclusively imports circuit breakers and earth leakage switches from Worldlectric®, Italclem® and B-Ticino®.

Worldlectric® is an advanced factory that specialises in making circuit breakers, earth leakage switches and relays. Apart from the Kema Keur certification, these products carry many other inspection certificates.

Italclem® is a reputable firm in Italy that also produces combination circuit breakers/earth leakage switches up to 63 Amperes in compact housings. This has the major advantage that we can make the best possible use of the room available in our distribution boxes and as a result can equip these with a larger number of correctly protected power and/or light groups.

B-Ticino® is a household name in the world of circuit breakers and earth leakage switches, and we have represented the company since our early beginnings. The quality, in combination with that of our large distribution boxes up to 630 Amperes, has been proved many times over already. One large advantage is the fact that by using these products in your main distribution units, you can choose the electrical installation a little selectively by setting different values.

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