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Contact material

Bos elektro bv supplies 250 volt, 16 amperes schuko contact material of our quality brand Eurokontakt®. We have many different versions and models. The products meet the latest requirements and standards, and come with the "Kema Keur" approval. The plugs and connectors and distribution units are made of rubber in various colours and are impact-resistant and shock-proof. They are also oil, UV and acid-proof and are with special cable sleeve. The interiors are supplied standard with nickel-plated pins and bushes and are available in rubber or break-resistant plastic. There are several types of housings with, among other things, snap collars, snap rims and/or child-proof safety systems.

We also represent the Finnish Lexel Electric factory, market leader in the electro-technical field. The company produces contact material, switches and multiple-way sockets. The two and four-way sockets are made of polycarbonate and are available in various colours or colour combinations to make your material easier to recognise.

You find different versions and models of these products in chapter 3, fully mounted with cable and assembled in our ISO-certified factory.

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