Primaeheat PTC heater

Heaters & Dehumidifiers

Primaeheat® PTC heater (Positive Temperature Coefficient)

  • Secure and energy saving way of heating
  • Direct maximum heat output
  • The ceramic heating elements ensure a constant temperature whatever the environmental conditions. This is in contrast with conventional heating elements having resistance wire. When connecting the PTC heater, the resistance will decrease through which power will increase resulting in a faster heating. When the temperature starts to rise, the resistance will increase and reduce the energy consumption.
  • Solid, compact and lightweight
  • Suitable for professional applications 


PTC heater 
3kW IP X4

Primeaheat® PTC 3 kW comes with a two positions switch 1500W and 3000W, adjustable thermostat and 1.8 metre H07RN-F cable with a rubber-moulded plug. 

Output in kWVoltage in voltsA.Airvol. (m³/h)Article number
3 220-240 4,3 300 VK 03230
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