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Lighting: a subject many find less than simple

This chapter gives you a comprehensive list of professional lamps and floodlights, lighting stands, light masts and other accessories. These products are extremely well suited to locations that demand high quality standards, such as the building and manufacturing industries, sporting complexes and festive activities.

Bos elektro bv has a wide range of its own fittings on offer, including impact-resistant and shockproof (incandescent) light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, halogen and HQI floodlights, which are produced in our fully certified factory. In addition, we exclusively import a large variety of floodlights.

Our range of bulb, halogen and fluorescent floodlights meet the standards demanded by the latest version of EN 60598 and in most cases the floodlights come with Kema Keur inspection certification.
The Tubelight® is an extremely robust impact-resistant and shock-proof fluorescent tube fitting made especially for the (tunnel) construction industry, manufacturing and NATO purposes. It is made of polycarbonate and is available in various wattages and voltages, with single as well as twin-light versions.

The Widelight® is an impact-resistant and shock-proof wide-beam light made entirely of polycarbonate and available with versions suitable for incandescent bulb, halogen and fluorescent lights. 

The Primaelux® halogen fittings: a completely contemporary range that was developed to meet the standards and demands of the 21st Century.

The Primaelux® gas-discharge floodlights: these are floodlights that provide more light and use less energy. They are available in white light (HQI) and yellow light (NAVT) and come with an internal or external ballast. Whether you choose an internal or external one depends on the situation, where the floodlights are hung and how, in combination with the weight and wind area. 

Primaelux portable lights made of polycarbonate are extremely compact and convenient products that come with a special high-output fluorescent lamp. 

Later in this chapter, Bos Elektro bv has included an extensive range of stands/tripods and mobile lighting masts. The latter can be electrically extended to a height of 16 metres.

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