Meter distribution boxes

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Meter distribution boxes

In addition to the all-rubber transformer and distribution boxes, Bos elektro bv makes a large range of meter boxes up to 125 Amperes with the aid of the most modern machines, including robots, and taking advantage of the latest technology. The housings made of impact-resistant plastic are as strong as steel and as tough as rubber. The meter units are impact-resistant and shock-proof, as well as oil, UV and acid-proof, and are double insulated. This makes them suitable for the most rugged applications.

The distribution units contain components solely from reputable manufacturers, which allows us to keep quality at the highest possible level.

Our factory has Kema and ISO 9001 certification and builds distribution units to European EN 61 439-4 standard, most of them carrying the Kema inspection hallmark of quality. We also produce a most diverse range of different versions to client specifications.

Testing takes place by way of a computer-controlled test unit that takes the following measurements, among others, fully automatically: loading, high voltage, phase inversion, insulation and earth leakage values. These values are tested step by step per exit/group and when the tests goes well in a particular cycle, the computer prints a certificate detailing all the test results, the product version/model, type and client details. Our test equipment is also annually calibrated by Kema to prevent deviations.

This chapter shows a diverse range of standard models aimed at the European market. Because there still are differences in (different parts of) Europe when it comes to electrical connections, we incorporate the specific demands of the countries concerned in our distribution units.

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